New Born Care

New Born Care-Pediatric Service

Each year, 2.6 million babies die within the first 28 days of life; most within the first week and a couple of .6 million additional stillbirths occur annually. The most causes of newborn demise in India are prematurity (35%), neonatal infections (33%), complications of childbirth (20%), and birth defects (9%). All newborns need essential care to attenuate the danger of disease and maximize its growth and development. Warmth, normal breathing, breast milk, and infection prevention are the essential needs of a normal baby at birth. These basic needs indicate that the survival of the baby depends entirely on the mother of the baby and other caregivers. Therefore, it’s important to supply proper care to all newborns immediately after birth. We at AV Children and Multispecialty Clinic pay attention to all the neonatal precautions and caring which eventually helps us to avoid neonatal emergencies. Dr. Chandrashekhar Phadnis is one of the Best Pediatrician in Aundh, He serves the Best newborn care in Aundh, Pune. Child Vaccination clinic in baner