The varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox, a viral infection. It involves blisters, rashes, fever, and other symptoms. It is easily spread through contact with other people who are infected with chickenpox. The disease usually lasts five to ten days and is mild. However, some people who get chickenpox face major health problems. Child vaccination clinic in Pune

What is Chicken Pox Vaccine? 

Most people receive the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine when they are young children. Vaccines are classified into numerous categories. The chickenpox vaccine is a live attenuated type. A weakened variant of the virus is used in live-attenuated vaccinations. The vaccine’s weakened form of the germ induces an immune system response that can result in lifetime protection after only one or two doses. This kind of vaccination, however, may not be suited for everyone. Those who have undergone an organ transplant, are immunocompromised, or have specific chronic health concerns, for example, should consult with their doctor before taking this type of vaccination.

Who Should Get Vaccinated Against Chickenpox?

Young children must get the chickenpox vaccine as part of their standard childhood vaccinations. The sole exemption would be for those with proof of immunity, which might include; having laboratory data that demonstrate immunity or infection and a medical diagnosis of chickenpox or herpes zoster. Best child specialist in Aundh

The Vaccine’s Effectiveness

According to medical studies, the vaccine is remarkably effective, and the protection of chickenpox begins with the first dosage. Following the first dose, the vaccine is approximately 80% effective in preventing any chickenpox infection and 95-98 % successful in preventing a moderate or severe infection. After two doses, the efficiency improves to 92%-93%, preventing any chickenpox infection.

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