We are constantly exposed to a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms from birth. The vast majority are not harmful, and many are beneficial, but some can cause several diseases. Child vaccination clinic in Pune The immune system of the body protects us against infections. When we are infected, our immune system initiates a series of reactions in order to neutralize the germs and minimize their damaging effects. Exposure to an infectious disease typically results in lifelong immunity. The microorganism is recognized by our immune system and fights back. And Childhood vaccines set the basis for some of these damaging microbes, yet some parents delay or
completely disregard immunization plans. Vaccine myths are all too widespread. Vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective, and they protect both the children who get them and the broader community.
Simple and Effective Protection When we experience a disease, we usually develop lifetime immunity to that disease. However, some diseases can have major consequences and, in some extreme cases, death. The sole purpose of vaccination is to achieve this immunity while avoiding the damage associated with the disease. Vaccination activates the immune system’s memory. During vaccination, a weakened
microorganism, a fragment, or anything similar to it is introduced into the body. The immune system is then engaged without allowing us to get sick. Some serious infectious illnesses can be avoided easily and effectively. Vaccination gives lifetime protection against some diseases, but the effectiveness fades after a few years, and repeat doses are necessary for others. Vaccines Are Well Tolerated By Infants
Our immune system is already equipped in the womb to deal with the many microorganisms that we will encounter after birth. Since vaccinations only utilize a small portion of a child’s immunological capability, the immune system is pressured considerably less than it is with
ordinary diseases like a cold. As a result, infants tolerate immunization well, even while receiving many shots at the same time. Get Child Vaccinations Vaccines are most effective when received on time, usually when your child is very young. Most common childhood immunizations are available at AV Children & Multispecialty Clinic starting at the age of two months. Our pediatricians will go over all of your concerns and questions about your child’s immunizations. Get in touch with us now and discover more about immunization services.